08/04/2018, Termas de Rio Hondo

The Moto3 race of the Argentina Grand Prix was held today at the circuit of Termas de Rio Hondo.
The day kicked off with a solid warm up for Rodrigo, who managed to stay within the Top-5 on wet track. In the race, Gabriel started from the first row, defending his position. The Argentinian tried to manage well his tyres while the track was drying up, lap after lap. Gabriel finished in 9th position, grabbing 7 points for the Championship Standings.
For Masaki, the warm up was important to ensure the last few data for the wet setting. The Japanese youngster started from the sixth row in the race, working hard to reach a fast group. The tricky conditions didn't help the rookie, who eventually crossed the finishing line 20th.


#19 Gabriel Rodrigo: 9th [RACE]

"We finished this race with a bittersweet taste. During the whole weekend we were competitive with any type of conditions, we had the chance to be in the Top-5 and fight for the podium. Also this morning we confirmed that on the wet we were very strong and that we had a good setting. As the start of the race approached, the track began to dry up quickly: it still wasn't quite enough to use slick tyres, yet we knew that in the last laps the wet tyre wasn't going to perform well. Eventually we stuck with the decision that was made by the majority, which was to use rain tyres. It was the less risky option and, matter of facts, during the first few laps the feeling was good, at least when the track was still very wet. I was in the Top-3 for a few laps at the beginning but, since the track kept drying, the bike started to move a lot. The tyres began to wear out and I struggled to be competitive. I couldn't really cope well with these conditions, whereas maybe some other guys did a better job at adapting to those movements and at finding the best line. I ended up in ninth position, but still I'm quite happy: it was a difficult race and we managed to put some important points in the pocket. It's already time to think about Austin, we have a rather clear idea about where to start from, in order to keep making some steps forwards."

#22 Kazuki Masaki: 20th [RACE]
"Today's race was tough, I finished 20th. On the grid we decided to keep the rain tyres and eventually they were completely worn out. That meant I couldn't come back and try to catch the guys in front. Since the track was drying fast, some riders chose to use slick tyres and that might have been the best option. However, this was an opportunity to learn from these conditions: there is a good chance that we might face something similar in one of the other races of this year, so with the information we have from today we know better how to deal with this type of track. Now we think about Austin: it is another new track for me, so I'll try to push hard again and stay confident."