06/04/2018, Termas de Rio Hondo

The second Grand Prix of the 2018 season kicked off today, at the circuit of Termas de Rio Hondo, in Argentina.
In the first practice of the day, Rodrigo completed two runs, checking the conditions of the track and gathering some initial data to work on for his home race. In the FP2, Gabriel put in a very competitive lap at the beginning of the session, placing himself in the first spot and holding on to it till just few minutes before the chequered flag. Eventually Gabriel managed to stay in the Top-10, with the time of 1'51.112.
Masaki took advantage of today's sessions to get to know the circuit of Termas, as he visits the Argentinian track for the first time. In the afternoon, Kazuki and his crew could make a strong progression, improving his personal best of 2.435 seconds and finishing in the 11th position.


#19 Gabriel Rodrigo: 7th - 1'51.112 [combined standings FP1 & FP2]

"The first day here in Argentina was actually good. It was supposed to rain, but eventually we could be out on dry track: that gave us a good chance to gather information. In the FP1 we started with a tyre choice that I normally don't like and we got to the end of the session without changing it. The morning session went quite well overall. We could analyse some valuable data, which was useful when it came to preparing the set up for the afternoon. Since the first run I felt very confortable on my bike. By the end of the FP2 I was improving considerably and I was on a hot lap, with my second set of new tyres. However, there was a crashed bike in the middle of the track and that forced me to slow down. In any case I'm happy. We do have to work a bit on the setting of the bike and on my pace, but this is a decent starting point."

#22 Kazuki Masaki: 11th - 1'51.265 [combined standings FP1 & FP2]
"Today's first practice was good: it was my first time on this track, but I managed to finish 16th. I had a good feeling and also the setting was quite alright. We decided not to change the setting for the FP2, in order to continue with this base. In the afternoon things went well, too. We worked on the tyres' choice. The first set that I tried didn't really suit me for this track, so we changed to a different option for the final part of the second free practice. I did three laps and the last one was my best so far: that placed us in eleventh position. I had a good feeling with the second set of tyres that we used, so it's likely that we'll consider it also for Sunday. Tomorrow we have the QP and it'll be important to set a competitive time, I'll do my best to achieve it."